Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dumb & Dumbest

Spotted this in a Californian blog today of a sheriffs office release...

On October 23, 2007 at approximately 4:30 pm a State Parole Officer was driving in the alleyway of the 700 block of Wisteria Street in Oildale and noticed a male subject seated in a
parked vehicle, which was in a residential neighborhood with children nearby.

As the Officer drove by the vehicle he saw that the male occupant was disrobed from the waist down and masturbating. The Officer stopped and detained the male subject, who was
identified as Burton William Evankovich, 28 years of age from Bakersfield.

The Officer also learned that Burton William Evankovich was on probation status with the Kern County Probation Department for a drug related conviction. Detectives of the Kern
County Sheriff's Office and Officers of the Kern County Probation Department were contacted and assisted in the investigation.

In the search of the vehicle of Burton William Evankovich a portable DVD player was found playing a pornographic video.

Also located was approximately 132 grams of suspected marijuana that was packaged for the purpose of sales, along with scales, packaging material, currency along with an
electronic shocking device and a weapon commonly referred to a "slungshot".



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