Thursday, October 04, 2007

No Big Deal

Some may think the whole 'In God We Trust' issue is trivial. I might too except for WHO is pushing for it.

First I read N.L.'s post here

Good sensible post with good reasoning. That led me to his link to Jackie Park's post

Another good one with several thoughtful comments including mine...

Why avoid what we all know. There is no secret to Chad Vegas' agenda. He plays the evasion game but no one really buys it. Only people with the same agenda try to come up with other reasons to place that motto there. Vegas only wants to inject religion, namely his religion, into public schools. Pretending to call it historical is snake oil and everyone knows it.

As to your comment ...
The only people who should have a beef with the motto are Atheists. Since I’ve never really understood Atheism because I think it’s impossible to prove God doesn’t exist, I’ll leave it to them to explain their opposition.

Well I'm agnostic but it's just as impossible to prove God does exist. By their own definition believers have faith. Classrooms are a place for knowledge not faith.

And as of now 68 comments on The Californian's blog

Very few editorials stir up that much activity. It's a big deal to more than Mr. Vegas and Ms. Sullivan.



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