Friday, March 20, 2009

Major Waste Of Time #217

Okay, I pointed to many photo sites before. Love 'em.


but here's a new one for me - Viceland DOs & DON'Ts

Now most of the DOs really seem like DON'Ts but maybe that's just me. There's an obvious affinity for cute young girls in the DOs and plenty of gay bashing in the DON'Ts (and not that isn't deserved. The quips are pretty good too (for a canadian(s)).

a DO

It may not seem fair but some ladies just have an inborn regality, and that's something all the valium in the world can't take away.

a DON'T (free hugs??? eeeewwww!)

Is it homophobic to say gay people confuse the living shit out of me these days? Cowboys and bikers I get, but how did Hasids, Mennonites, blackjack dealers, fine Persian rugs, and those inflatable guys at gas stations make it into the mix?

a DO

I'm not sure what she's selling but sign me the fuck up. Combining copper complexion with fish eyes and a vague American Fascist sensibility may not have the guys beating a path to your door, but it makes anything that comes out of your mouth sound like the cool voice of reason. Even some Earth Crisis bullshit.

and a DON'T (really DON'T!)

Agreeing to have the stupidest thing you’ve ever said tattooed on your ass forever is like sacrificing a virgin to the riff gods.



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