Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nine Months To Go

Well we're nine months from electing a new president and we're down to three choices, and I'm not too pleased with any of them.

I'm not going to dwell much on the democrats but suffice to say they have at this point two candidates of questionable electability. A hard ass conniving bitch and a smart inexperienced black man with lots of platitudes but short on ways to get there.

As of today Romney is gone with the exception of a speech at the convention. Huckabee is relegated to keep saying he's still in but is now marginal. Neither would be of any help to McCain in the veep spot. There is no faction of the republicans that would vote for either democrat in spite of any misgivings they may have over McCain. The last minute support of the conservative republicans for Romney was more for the anti-McCain. The conservative are busy mouthing off that McCain needs to come to them. I saw Tom Delay being interviewed at the Conservative Political Action Conference gathering in Washington desperate to try and sound like they still counted. McCain will give them lip service but once again doesn't need to worry that their votes would go to a democrat. When hell freezes over comes to mind.

McCain can attract Reagan democrats and moderate republicans on his own. There are troubling acts in his past that bother many of them, myself included. McCain-Feingold is one of his worst and now he feels the burn. I'm troubled by laws that attempt to limit either election spending or terms. Neither should be controlled by laws that are too easily abused by the two major parties. It's the job of the voters to control the abuses of politicians - the first revolution takes place at the polls, the second by impeachment and recall. His immigration policy has stunk but he now says that has changed. We'll see. Then there is the 72 year old problem. The veep he does choose could be important.

A third party run by anyone is unlikely.

Nine more months may be more than any of us can stand.



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