Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Kerry Losing

Well all the main-stream press seems sure that Kerry has now lost his way and the election with it.

Well unseating an encumbant president is no easy task. Of course Bush I was defeated. I don't think he had near the problems that Bush II has either, but of course he followed 8 years of RR and just maybe this country wanted a real change. One thing for sure in the 1992 election Clinton represented not only a change from the republicans but he was younger and far more charismatic then Bush I.

Now there might be part of the problem in this election. Solid Dems look at GWB as a dolt. Solid Reps can't see it at all. But when you watch Bush talk, don't pay attention to what he says. Realize instead that he has that country-boy-southern-talkin' cowboy style that middle america loves down pat. Kerry on the other hand is dull as cottage cheese. (that may be an insult to a fine dairy product).

There's always that saying that this election was Kerry's to lose. So far I'm afraid that just may be all too true.



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