Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sullying My Surname with Sappiness

My God, I looked at the website bearing my surname (no, for the sake of not causing an all out flame war, I'll just leave the exact name out). It belongs to a distant cousin of mine who I've never met. I'm grateful.

If my eyes had been held open and I was forced to watch ala 'Clockwork Orange', 'Family Circus' cartoons flashed before my eyes it wouldn't have been worse. Yes, I'm a parent. Yes my kid is wonderful. This was way worse. Retelling dumb stories about cute thing your kid says or does (especially when they aren't) couldn't be as interesting as watching mud dry.

Unfortunately they have no place to leave comments on the site. Let's see........

Dear Jack,
What a cute story about your boys. Maybe with a little luck you can start dressing them in pink. Or maybe the little bastard can catch his dick in his zipper, then he can really be the little sissy shit it sounds like you're making him.....

WOW, that feels better.



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