Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Calif Propositions

I'll risk sounding like someone who would be cruel to sick children and people with mental problems. Prop 61, children's hospitals, Prop 63, mental health funding, and Prop71, stem cell research all seem like worthy causes. I'd like to see these too, but not at the taxpayer's expense.

Unfortunately all are costly and mostly contribute to the enrichment of taxeaters. Recent stories concerning Mr.s Steve Schilling and Steve Ladd should be proof enough how this ends up working. Much of the well intentioned funds end up in the pockets of unaccountable administrators overseen by rubber-stamp boards. Mr. Schilling even had the arrogant and flippant explanation, "I'm worth it". All I see is misdirected tax money.

These propositions will just result in more of the same. Until this changes taxpayers should say no.



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