Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Spam Spam Spam

Well I got a GMail account on the 23rd. No big deal, in fact I had turned down a couple of other invites but decided I wanted to reserve a certain name at GMail afterall (thanks Dave for the invite). So far I've told no one the address. I've posted it nowhere. I went in there today and there were 5 spams in the spam folder. Are these assholes just using random names? Are they taking other emails and changing the domain part of the name (that would work in my case)?

Of course I still say spam only exists because some poor fools out there actually go for it. It would make no sense for the spammers to continue doing it unless someone is making money.
Spammers are the scum of the earth.
One group in China kept using one of my domain name as the spoofed sender on their shit. The result was lots of notifications of bounced mail back to me from ISP that couldn't tell obvious spam from legit mail. Even worse some of my legit email to other started getting blacklisted, then just blackholed. (I don't believe ISP should ever use blacklists. The results are unreliable and can cause serious business disruptions - I know - been there - have the T-shirt).

On a sad note(well not all together) going to a send-off party for one of my drinking buds who is moving to NYC. Good move for him - many of us will really miss him. Party should be fun - well Hell Yeah! Beer!



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