Friday, May 19, 2006

Humans and Chimps

And everyone has heard this by now....

It could be the oldest, not to mention the messiest, break-up in history. When humans and chimpanzees split up along the path of evolution, they carried on having sex for as long as 4m years, geneticists claim today.

The revelation suggests that the history of humanity may be far more complex than scientists appreciated.

A comparison of snippets of DNA from humans, chimps and other primates shows that after parting company up to 10m years ago early humans and chimps continued to swap genes by interbreeding, until a final split much later. The study suggests the species split for good probably less than 5.4m years ago.

Geneticists believe the interbreeding theory is the best explanation of why the X chromosomes of humans and chimps remain so similar to this day.,,1777273,00.html

How can I resist? For proof...
Bush Chimp



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Jesus christ in a thong..I loved the story buildup to the pics..excellent!

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