Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Warming

Hot topic. HA!
Naw, I'm going to be serious for a change. With the release of the UN report and continued hysteria by the major media it appalls me to hear how little some people know about the subject, even people that think they know. If you just keep repeating Al Gore's line well so much for that bullshit agenda. It spite of Mr. Gore there are many real scientist who if they don't believe otherwise at least take a more moderate view of the problem.

Yes it's a long ten part read but well worth it. When you are using science you never speak in absolutes. Real science involves open data, open methods, peer review and a willingness to change conclusions and methods if so indicated. Stating that global warming is real and the debate is over is NOT science.

Personally I think there certainly are indicators of a warming trend. There is a fair chance that human activity may be contributing to that trend but nowhere near a certainty. There is very little information as to what we could do about it that would make a difference. Now I'm not a pro-industry kind of guy. I have very little love of mega-corps and their ways. I believe in saving open land and forests, saving water and having clean air to breath. But I have no desire to sit in the dark and be uncomfortable too.

Neither does just about anyone else. This fear mongering is mostly the work of 'Greens'. The usual 'pro-environment, people are always bad, why aren't you a nofat organic brown rice vegetarian with a useless degree that shows how much smarter than you I am' types. The UN has the credibility of a panhandler holding up a 'Will work for Food' sign. Do you really think if the global economic powerhouses will sign on to a treaty and then China and India will start curbing the billions of tons of CO2 they produce then please see me about a bridge I've got a great deal on.

There are lots of things we could do better. Why is practically every vehicle on the planet petroleum powered? Not because we couldn't do better. Do the current energy companies want alternate fuels. Hell no. There is no real incentive to change something that is so profitable for them. Different fuels would require giant capital investments for them. They're not letting go. If ethanol takes off they will simply start buying up the production and selling it themselves while producing feel good commercials telling us what good citizens they are for making it and how smart we're being by buying 80 ethn fuel and saving the planet(and that btw is not an answer to either petro fuels or global warming).

Oddly it comes down to strange bedfellows. Isn't it always so? When money is the only real driving force of our government, well, most of us are left as nothing but subjects, ruled by a government of incompetence bought by corporations with a myopic view so narrow the only thing they see is a bottom line. Those often well meaning but sometimes just crazy agenda driven chicken littles are faced with throwing out these fearful scenarios of doom to even be heard. The media so starved to put anything sensational on to draw advertising for the mega-corps advertising dollars overplay it and just repeat verbatim the press releases rather than do news gathering (if they're lucky some quasi celebrity will die and they can change gears for a couple of weeks). The politicians will continue to say they're working to fix the problems but are too busy raising money to get re-elected and not offend the big money donors. The masses will all say how something ought to be done but then go back to watching TV and getting another fix of reality from American Idol.

Now if you really want to worry.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i just wanted to react to your article briefly, saying that some governments are trying to reverse this fuel process: for example in Colombia where they are developping
cars using sugar-cane alcohol as fuel.
Same for cars using diesel. Actually, these cars were originally conceived to use vegetable oil! I saw it! it works! The only thing is that there is no propaganda from authorities because of the oil lobbies, i guess...

Here's some links to complete the datas about the global warming:
(Climate Change: The IPCC Experts Report, there are a summary and the pdf of the whole document)

i found also another interesting article on the same subject, maybe a bit idealistic but still very interesting:
Climate Change: a Call for World Governance

7:35 PM, February 19, 2007  

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