Friday, June 24, 2005

Flags 2

I'm still a little awed by this whole flag thing.
Why are people more concerned with an object than the ideas it represents - jingoistic idolatry.
Is this a flag?
toothpick flag
So if I have these at a 4th of July party are we going to be breaking the law by tossing them in the trash? Kevin suggest they go in the BBQ as that is the proper disposal method for used flags. Wait! That's flag burning!
flag tshirt flag pin
How about flag pins? Or a flag t-shirt? At that party I'm picking up a cocktail smokie in BBQ sauce with my flag toothpick and drop a big glob of sauce on my flag t-shirt and drool sauce back on the toothpick flag.
Damn! Broke the law again! Twice!

I know this sounds ridiculous, but when you start having ridiculous laws it'll start to happen. Especially with simple minded bureaucrats or those just looking for a way to get somebody.

Now - wrap yourself in the flag and tell me, who is breaking the law here.
flag wrap
flag wrap
flag wrap

For a lot more of that last one go here.



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