Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boondocks Y La Cucaracha

I've written about comics before but I wanted to point out this week the strip La Cucaracha is running a spoof on one of my other favorites The Boondocks, which is currently running the early strips while Aaron McGruder talks a six month hiatus. Does anyone else watch the cartoon of The Boondocks on adultswim on Sunday nights? Very funny stuff.

I've resorted to reading about a dozen strips online since our local rag seems compelled to resort to unscientific surveys to choose strips. The one they are currently running in their test slot is okay at least(sorry I forget the name). Way better than that Cow & Boy thing that some dunderhead there said was similar to Calvin & Hobbs. Of course thinking like that is why The Family Circus and Fred Basset persist.

Such drival while we have to seek out Doonesbury and Non Sequitur because they are too liberal for the sensibilities of our all american populace here in KC.



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