Saturday, August 19, 2006

Customer Service- We've Heard Of It

We just don't offer it. I was in CompUSA yesterday looking for a new carry case for my laptop. Now I don't shop - I hate it, but this is a pretty important buy as I need it to fill my needs and be easy to carry and use. Not too big and not look like a backpack or one of those lawyer type briefcases. So I probably spent twenty minutes checking them out which anyone who knows me realizes is extraordinary. Not once did a salesperson bother me, which is fine because in stores I prefer to look and get help when I ask for it.

But now I had made up my mind and was ready to leave. I walk up towards the check out and no one is there. Two guys are behind the service desk dealing with returns I guess. Another is right there behind the camera counter next to the check out. I sort o standing there looking and two other guys come up and start talking to camera man. Now some other people who want to complete their purchases are standing behind me. I look around and there are Red Shirts everywhere so I say to the group at the camera desk, "Is there anyone working the cash registers?" They seem somewhat bewildered (and I did ask it nice). They look around and about that time another guy comes walking up and one says to him, "Hey Bill, you can work the checkout." Bill is carrying a lanyard with a key so it looks good but Bill says "I'm not a cashier."

So being the ass I usually am, I walk up to the check out counter, place the case down and proceed to walk out. As I do so I see the little manager office to the right with two guys sitting in there so I holler to them "You just might want to actually get somebody out here who can take money, it's better for business."

Some would say I only wasted my own time but CompuUSA lost a $60 sale.
I hate big box stores.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had the same exact problem there. They flat out refused to wait on me so I walked out.

9:30 AM, August 19, 2006  

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